The Best Talent Isn’t Looking: The Value of Passive Talent


The Best Talent Isn’t Looking: The Value of Passive Talent

Drawing up a job posting and letting it dangle on the web is one way to attract candidates, but is it really the most effective way?

If you post your company’s open positions on the right platforms and provide a detailed (and enticing) description, you’ll start building a stack of candidates in no-time. Sure, there might be a few names in the pile who were told about the job from one of your employees, but many names you come across will be candidates actively looking for a job — and seeking you out. And, the likelihood that they’ve applied to multiple positions is high.

Plenty of people who are actively seeking a new job are hungry, and, as a recruiter, you just signed up to be their waiter.

Be sure to devote a good amount of hours to organize, read (skim), and eventually screen all the potential candidates flooding your inbox. It will most likely take a lot of time, work, phone calls, calendar invites, and headaches, but if you’re lucky, you may just be able to find a candidate in the applicant pool who can do the job.

Finishing the recruiting process should feel satisfying until you realize you selected the best possible candidate who applied for the position. Then you ask yourself What about all the people who didn’t apply? Who didn’t stumble on our company’s job listing?Unfortunately, with all the time spent managing your standard job recruiting process, you devoted no time to sourcing passive talent.

Passive talent being the all-stars whose resumés and experiences are actually a perfect fit for your company and the open job position, but who weren’t actively looking for a new job. Passive talent consists of candidates who are often currently employed and ready for a switch, but actually don’t know it yet until they are presented with a great opportunity.

At Hunt Club, we use our technology-enabled Influencer Network to find candidates who not only fit and exceed your company’s needs, but also come recommended by our trusted Influencers. Our influencers are experienced professionals from a range of industries who have applied to help strengthen our network of candidates.

Upon speaking with companies about the specific candidate profile that they want, Hunt Club taps into our Influencer Network to provide a stronger, more focused applicant pool. Additionally, we take time to both screen these professionals and get them excited about applying to work for a great company like yours.

In the end, it is Hunt Club’s passive talent search that will give you the satisfaction of truly filling a position. Drop us a line, and tell us who you want to hire — we’ll find them for you in a creative, connected way.

Mike Bott

Mike Bott

Mike Bott is the VP of growth marketing at Hunt Club. Passionate about innovating, scaling and growing early-stage and high-growth startups.

Chicago, IL