Recruiting Anyone Through Referrals: The Hunt Club Way


Recruiting Anyone Through Referrals: The Hunt Club Way

If you’ve heard a recruiter tell you they can recruit anyone, you’d probably laugh. But, at Hunt Club, we really can recruit anyone. Seriously. We know it’s a bold statement to make, but it’s true. And, we do it through referrals. By leveraging our Hunt Club Network we can reach people on a larger and more personal scale than most other firms out there.

We’ve built a pool of exceptional candidates from a network of more than 2,500 Influencers. Influencers are industry leaders in marketing, tech, digital, sales, and finance (think C-Suite Executives, Directors, Founders, or Managers). Our candidate pool is over 2 million to-date and includes some of the best passive talent from top-tier companies.

With a deep focus on recruiting for high growth, PE, or venture-backed startups (seed or Series A+), our approximate target market is 15 million, and Hunt Club’s coverage is over 13 percent. And, we’re only just beginning.

Not only can we recruit anyone, but we can recruit from anywhere. Our reach has expanded from the Midwest’s tech hubs of Chicago and Cincinnati to nationally where we now have a presence across the country, including Austin, San Francisco, New York City, Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, and Boston.

As more industry leaders join Hunt Club as Influencers and upload their networks (that could include hundreds to thousands of potential candidates), our reach grows exponentially.

And, the secret to how we work is that we don’t spam when we recruit. Since we use referrals, we never contact a potential candidate unless we’re given a seal of approval first. The candidates we’re contacting come from an Influencer who knows them, has worked with them/for them, or respects them. Gone are the days of getting a cold email or call about “how you’d be great fit for Position A at Company B” from a person you don’t know about a role you aren’t interested in or under/over qualified for.

The power of a referral in recruiting is what moves the needle for us, so we not only gain reach by the amount of people we can recruit from, but also trust from clients, candidates, and Influencers.

Mike Bott

Mike Bott

Mike Bott is the VP of growth marketing at Hunt Club. Passionate about innovating, scaling and growing early-stage and high-growth startups.

Chicago, IL